Meet CCOM’s Summer Intern Kelley Blieka

My Grandparents started coming out to Montauk in the 60s. My grandfather loved to fish, and they both played golf at the Montauk Downs, and tennis at the Racquet club.   Though in the 70s they would build a beautiful house [...]

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Big Industry to Industrialize the Atlantic Ocean

Like the Dracula Monster, Liberty Gas is Back By Rav Freidel, Concerned Citizens of Montauk Big energy isn’t fiddling around while New York and New Jersey rebuild the coastline after Sandy.  They’re, once again, trying to fast track both oil [...]

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Storm Preparedness

By Bob Stern, President Concerned Citizens of Montauk   No one likes being the one who blurts out that there is no Santa Claus --  least of all CCOM, which is a group of neighbors of low lying coastal properties [...]

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Photographing Montauk by Michael Perini

In many ways photography is an exercise in fitting a thousand pounds of reality into a ten-pound bag. One would think that in a place as beautiful as Montauk, great pictures would be easy. Montauk is full of great vistas, [...]

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Tail Costs: Part II

  Lest we think that "tail costs -- the true end cost of a human activity or error" is merely an abstract concept: Estimate of total cost of Fukushima  -- could be $300 billion and counting to Japan.  Tepco, the [...]

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Montauk’s Environmental Olympics

What leads some people to take irresponsible risks for unsustainable rewards? Starting in the 1980s, researcher Bob Goldman surveyed elite athletes and found that 50% of them asserted that they would take a drug that would kill them within five [...]

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With Memorial Day Comes “The Season”

Memorial Day on the East End is an opportunity for all of us to express gratitude and appreciation for the men and women who died while serving our country. It's also the beginning of what we call "The Season," when [...]

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Putting Students in Charge of Preserving Montauk’s Environment

This Spring, CCOM launched an initiative to introduce local students to the natural wonders of our area. With funding from the Andrew Sabin Family Foundation and Parks & Trails New York, we began a four-month Environmental Internship program with seven [...]

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Spring has Sprung on Point Woods Trail

This week, we welcome guest blogger Jim Zajac, President of the East Hampton Trails Preservation Society, who is one of the mentors guiding our seven student interns from East Hampton High School as they learn about Montauk's natural environment. Jim [...]

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Catch a Buzz: Beekeeping in Montauk

I am coming up on my first anniversary of beekeeping in Montauk. I started by taking a weekly, 8-month course at the Cornell Cooperative Extension in Riverhead. (This same course is now being offered at South Fork Natural History Museum [...]

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The Tail Cost of Environmental Sloppiness

It appears that the “tail cost” – the true total cost of human activity — is a bill needing to be paid, even in space! As reported in the New York Times this week, a new study warns that extraterrestrial [...]

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The Surf Lodge Shuffle

Thank goodness concerned citizens are showing up in court when the Surf Lodge case is on the docket, demonstrating their interest in its outcome. Three-plus years in and the bar/restaurant has yet to pay fines for the 686 charges filed [...]

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