Water Quality


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Improving Water Quality

What does it take to clean up Montauk’s polluted waters? You! Fort Pond and parts of Lake Montauk are unsafe for swimming and recreation.  Montauk’s water – the lifeblood of our community – is threatened.

Since 2013, CCOM’s team of highly trained volunteers and partners have worked year-round collecting and analyzing water samples.  The results are clear: Montauk’s water quality is getting worse. But it’s not too late. Working together, we are reversing the damage and cleaning up Montauk’s water.


Save the Lake – Save the Pond 

CCOM is launching a 3-year comprehensive, community-based program to improve water quality in Fort Pond and Lake Montauk. CCOM’s “Save The Lake – Save The Pond” has five major components:

  • Scientific Research & Data Collection
  • Community Engagement
  • Property owner “Action Plans” – Residential & Commercial
  • Volunteer Program: Lake and Pond “Ambassadors”
  • Municipal Action Plan


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Act Now

The time for action is now.  Working together with private and commercial property owners and local government, Montauk can restore its water quality.  The approach outlined in “Save the Lake – Save the Pond” is making a difference. 

With your support we can restore our water bodies.



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