Montauk has 23 bodies of water – some of which are threatened. What does it take to clean up Montauk’s polluted waters? You! Fort Pond and parts of Lake Montauk are unsafe for swimming and recreation. Since 2013, CCOM’s team of highly trained volunteers and partners have worked year-round collecting and analyzing water samples. The results are clear: Montauk’s water quality is getting worse, but it’s not too late. Working together, we are reversing the damage and cleaning up Montauk’s water.

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We have 115 miles of shoreline in Montauk and caring for our most precious resource is of the utmost importance. Rising sea level, erosion and increasingly powerful storms are accelerating impacts to Montauk’s coastline and built infrastructure. Our community must develop a site-specific, scientific understanding of these changes to craft responses that protect ecological and economic resources.

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Montauk’s ecology and economy are inextricably linked. Whether it’s new development or re-development within our community, CCOM believes that short-term financial gains cannot outweigh long-term environmental impact. A truly sustainable community is achieved through thoughtful planning, code enforcement and adherence to environmentally responsible practices.

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