CCOM Benefactors

Sustainer Circle

Montauk’s natural beauty and environment are threatened by declining water quality, eroding beaches and coastlines, and  inappropriate development.  These complex environmental challenge don’t have quick fixes.  They require a comprehensive multi-year approach – and that’s just what CCOM’s environmental experts have put in place. We’re working with federal, state, town and community leaders to turn the tide and make real progress; but we need sustained support to deliver lasting solutions.

You can help us protect Montauk by joining a growing number of your friends and neighbors who have joined CCOM’s Sustainer Circle and made a three-year financial pledge to support Montauk. CLICK HERE to become a CCOM Sustainer.

Concerned Citizens of Montauk and its Board of Directors would like to thank the following individuals for their generous support in making 3-year sustainer pledges to help CCOM’s ongoing work to protect and preserve Montauk’s environment.

DIAMOND CIRCLE – $25,000 and up

Rosanne & Ed Braun
Trish & George Filopoulos
Karen Legotte Foundation

PLATINUM CIRCLE – $10,000 and up

Maureen & Dan Cahill
Lili & Wilson Ervin
Ann Philomena LeClaire
Florencia Panizza & Dominic Auld
Dana Tang & Andrew Darrell
Monica & David Zwirner

GOLD CIRCLE – $5,000 and up

Monika & Bill Akin
Jasie & John Britton
Cheryl Christman & Thomas Rice
Evan Harrel
Jane & Joe Goldblum
Suse & Peter Lowenstein
Rosemarie Schiller & Thomas Buehler

SILVER CIRCLE – $2,500 and up

Andrew Sabin Family Foundation
Ross Barna
Valerie Berlin & Amy Rutkin
Evan Chesler
Carol & Thomas Creel
David Freudenthal & Ken Jockers
Roberta Gosman-Donovon
Peg & Jim Harrington
Jessica James
Kenneth Levy-Church
Amy & Steve Lipin
Eileen & Kevin McCann
Michael Meagher
J. Eric Nelson
Cynthia Nixon & Christine Marinoni
Irene O’Gara Goit
Elaine Peterson & Richard Kahn
Debbie & Jonathan Rosen
Carolyn & Marc Rowan
Betsy & Edward Schiff
Daphne & Bob Stern
Sara Thorson
John Waddell & John Hall
Licia & Ken Zegar

BRONZE CIRCLE – Up to $2,500

Elizabeth Adams & Thomas Monahan
Lisa & Michael Brennan
Kathleen & Alberto Comini
Susan & Ray Cortell
Connie & Lou Cortese
Joan and Donald Diamond
Nancy Elder
Norma Giorgetti
David Hinton
Janice & Danny Horowitz
Shirley Katz
Celine Keating & Mark Levy
Martha Krisel
Roberta & Leslie Lupert
Victoria Masi-Pryor & Greg Pryor
Anne & Charles Roos
Carol Sedwick & Michael Patrick
Richard Silver
Kate Sinding Daly & Patrick Daly
Therese & George Watson
Marcy Wilcov Waterman & Christopher Waterman
Jane Weiser & Daniel Kleinman
Laurie Widder