Sustainable Development

Working to Keep Montauk Montauk

CCOM preserves and protects the unique environment and ecology of Montauk through education, advocacy, and grassroots citizen action. CCOM’s core belief is that development must be done in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner that recognizes the critical link between our ecology and our economy.

Let’s Create the Community We Want

Montauk’s ecology and economy are inextricably linked. Whether it’s new development or redevelopment within our community, CCOM believes that short-term financial gains cannot outweigh long-term environmental impact. A truly sustainable community is achieved through thoughtful planning, code enforcement and adherence to environmentally responsible practices.

CCOM is supporting the effort to create a Montauk Hamlet Plan that:

  • Defines Our Community Infrastructure Needs
  • Creates a Septic Management Program
  • Improves Parking and Transportation
  • Create Pedestrian and Bike friendly streets
  • Ensures Development is Harmonious with Community Character

CCOM will also continue to monitor and evaluate development, conservation proposals and legislation in Montauk and East Hampton Town to ensure that possible environmental impacts are understood, vetted and minimized through the legislative, planning and zoning processes.

Stand With Us

CCOM has a strong legacy of serving as Montauk’s environmental watchdog as well as being an incubator for innovative environmental initiatives. We will actively review development proposals, advocate for code enforcement, and keep the community informed on all of these fronts.

With your support, we will Keep Montauk Montauk for future generations.

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