South Fork Wind Farm

Concerned Citizens of Montauk believes a comprehensive portfolio of renewable and alternative energies must be combined with extensive energy conservation in order to address the climate crisis resulting from our region’s dependence on fossil fuels.  Additionally, the Town of East Hampton’s ambitious and warranted sustainable energy goals cannot be achieved without actively pursuing offshore wind energy and a utility-scale offshore wind project which may result from the South Fork Wind Farm initiative or other future proposed projects. We must, however, pay particular attention to, and minimize to the maximum extent possible, any known, unknown, or even unforeseen environmental impacts, including those related to the fishing industry and environmentally sensitive and preserved lands, associated with the installation, operation and maintenance of these technologies.  A rigorous and transparent permitting process must proceed, with extensive pre- through post-project monitoring to ensure we thoroughly understand and address impacts on the scaling of individual and multiple projects.


The Town of East Hampton’s Montauk Hamlet Plan

The environmental priorities and objectives outlined in the Montauk Hamlet Plan for both the downtown and harbor area address important, timely and critical environmental issues facing the Montauk Community (surface and groundwater pollution, beach erosion, climate change and sea level rise) and require the implementation of community wastewater and stormwater runoff improvements and increased resiliency and reduced risks associated with projected flooding, storms and sea level rise. To date the Town of East Hampton has begun to address some of these issues through the establishment and funding of several Town Committees- i.e. Montauk Community Wastewater System Committee, Montauk Beach Preservation Committee, Coastal Assessment & Resiliency Planning Committee. CCOM actively participates in these various committees and believes these committees and their continued work and evolution will help drive both the immediate and long term changes that are needed and outlined in the Montauk Hamlet Plan.


PSEG-LI Fort Pond Substation Relocation

Concerned Citizens of Montauk support a relocated substation which will be resilient to sea level rise and storm surge; a site which has been previously disturbed and has a lower environmental and ecological value; a site with as little additional clearing necessary as possible; a site in which planned activities have the least impact on drinking, ground and surface waters; and a site which the Montauk community supports. Please see CCOM letter to PSEG officials.


Letter to EH Town Supervisor regarding Fort Pond Land Acquisitions