Save the Lake - Save the Pond

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Become a Steward

Save the Lake – Save the Pond Stewards are Montauk property owners who worked with our trained volunteers (Ambassadors) to learn how they can better manage their property to help improve water quality. By making some simple changes, future generations can enjoy clean water in Lake Montauk and Fort Pond.


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Become an Ambassador

Save the Lake – Save the Pond Ambassadors are volunteers who work with their neighbors to identify simple changes that make a big difference in water quality. They have been trained in local water quality issues and strategies and will assist Stewards in making positive changes on their properties.



To learn more about Save the Lake – Save the Pond, become a Steward or Ambassador, or talk with one of our Ambassadors about how you can become part of the solution, fill out the form below and we’ll contact you shortly. (Don’t worry, it’s free, and we will never share your information.)

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