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May 17, 2018: EH Star: New Round of Water Tests at Montauk’s Fort Pond

May 13, 2018: EH Star: Tests Show High Bacteria

April 19, 2018: EH Star: Montauk Sand Here Gone Again

April 10, 2018: The Independent: Solutions Underway & In Progress

February 1, 2018: EH Star Editorial: CCOM Stands Alone

CCOM In the News 2017

December 26, 2017: Local Clean H2O Stewards Back 1st Year of STL-STP

September 28, 2017: The Independent: Enviros Present Green Guide

September 28, 2017: The Independent: Hurricane Effect = High Bacteria

April 4, 2017: SH Press: CCOM Names Thiele Aide as New Director

Feb 2, 2017: EH Star: CCOM Director to Step Down to Run Mashomack Preserve

CCOM In the News 2016

October 6, 2016: EH Star: Letter to the Editor / RETREAT

September 28, 2016: SH Press: Army Corps Says More Sand For Montauk Beaches Is Possible

September 11, 2016: SH Press: New Coalition Formed Supporting Use Of Community Preservation Funds For Water Quality Issues

September 1, 2016: EH Star: Progress in the War on Nitrogen

August 25, 2016: EH Star: Town Puts C.P.F. on November Ballot

August 11, 2016: EH Star: Dozens Endorse C.P.F. Change

July 28, 2016: EH Star: State Provides Dollars for Shoreline Studies

July 28, 2016: EH Star: Town Must Fund Pollution Research

July 7, 2016: EH Star: Water Quality Test Results Show High Bacteria Counts Here

July 5, 2016: SH Press: $1 Billion Army Corps Coastal Resiliency Plan Does Not Include Major Beach Rebuilding In Montauk 

June 28, 2016: EH Star: Save the Lake, Save the Pond Effort Launched in Montauk

June 23, 2016: EH Star: Montauker Nets Science Award

June 7, 2016: SH Press: East Hampton Unveils New CPF Water Quality Law

May 30, 2016: EH Press & SH Press: Fort Pond House In Montauk To Re-Open

May 25, 2016: EH Star: Montauk School Scores Big Haul of Awards at Science Congress

January 26, 2016: SH Press: East Deck Motel Redevelopment Praised, But On Hold In Montauk

January 15, 2016: East Hampton Patch: ‘Zero Tolerance’ as Police Gear Up to Handle Montauk’s Boisterous Party Crowds

CCOM In the News 2015

CCOM In the News 2014

December 18, 2014: EH Star Editorial: Another Chance To Get Policy Right 

December 18, 2014: EH Star: New Delays Added Costs for Montauk Beach Defenses 

December 12, 2014: EH Press: East Hampton Received $250,000 Grant for Coastal Plan 

September 24, 2014: EH Press: Fisheries Meet in Montauk for Lunch

September 5, 2014: NY Times: Getting the Catch Directly to the Restaurant

September 4, 2014: EH Star: Surfers Unite in Protest

CCOM In the News 2013

November 21, 2013: EH Star Letter to the Editor: Coastal Policy in Seven Bullet Points

November 6, 2013: EH Press Op-Ed: Beach Restoration: Getting It Right In Montauk

October 29, 3013: EH Press: Sharks Tagged Off Montauk Reveal Their Movements In Real Time

October 10, 2013: EH Star: Two Experts Urge Against Armoring

October 10, 2013: EH Star: All Eyes on Montauk Beach Reconstruction

October 10, 2013: Newsday: Students Beautify Montauk Recycling Center

October 10, 2013: The Independent: Sand, Or…Nothing?

October 8, 2013: East Hampton Press: Coastal Experts Offer Input On Protecting Montauk’s Beaches, Downtown

August 15, 2013: East Hampton Star: Off the Block, Fort Pond House Will be a Park

August 1, 2013: The Sag Harbor Express: A Conversation With Jeremy Samuelson

July 29, 2013: London Times: Shark Fishing in the Hamptons

July 26, 2013: The Atlantic: Letting Sharks Off the Hook

July 24, 2013: East Hampton Star: Down the Drain Along the Shore

July 23, 2013: New York Times: Rethinking Tournaments Where Sharks Always Lose

July 23, 2013: East Hampton Press: Environmental Groups Start Water Testing In Montauk, Post Results Online

July 21, 2013: Wall Street Journal: Plan for Offshore Gas Facility Spurs Fracking Debate

June 27, 2013: New York Times: Tensions Swelling as Beach Erodes

April 18, 2013: East Hampton Star: Coastal Living After Sandy 

April 18, 2013: East Hampton Star: A Call to Call In Coastal Experts 

CCOM In the News 2012


May 14, 2018: CCOM Partners with Gobler Lab to Monitor Harmful Algal Blooms in Fort Pond

January 30, 2018: CCOM Launches Major Clean Water Initiative

January 25, 2018:  CCOM & Montauk School Announce Science Fair Winners

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February 18, 2015:  Letter Defending Environmental Protection in NY

February 17, 2015:  Letter to Suffolk County Planning Dept / Long Island Sound Water Temperature Study

February 9, 2015:  Letter to EH Town Board Commenting on EH Airport Noise Legislation

January 29, 2015:  ED40 Letter Requesting Appraisals

August 2014:  Position Paper on ED40


October 14, 2014:  East Hampton Town Comprehensive Wastewater Management Draft Plan

September 10, 2013: Description of Flooding Risk Faced by Napeague Stretch Communities by Walter F. Bundy, Program Management & Mitigation Services and Former FEMA Official

March 25, 2013: Coastal Erosion and Solutions, A Primer, by Coastal Science & Engineering

March 6, 2013: Long Island’s Dynamic South Shore, by J.Tanski

Feb. 13, 2013: Shore Protection Analysis and Design for Ditch Plain – March 2002

October 7, 1997: Watershed and Aquatic Habitat Study and Enhancement Plan, Fort Pond, Montauk, East Hampton Town Natural Resource / Environmental Protection Department / Fort Pond Action Committee





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