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CCOM in the News

February 12, 2015:  EH Star:  Rules Raise Concern (EH / Montauk Airport Proposed Legislation)

February 11, 2015: Sag Harbor Express: Residents Concerned About What EH Airport Regulations Could Mean for Montauk

February 5, 2015:  EH Star:  New Detail on Sea Wall

January 22, 2015:  Dan’s Papers: Slow Food East End Awards $500 to CCOM for Montauk School Greenhouse

January 20, 2015:  EH Press: Montauk Stabilization Plan to Be Done In Two Stages

December 18, 2014:  EH Star Editorial: Another Chance To Get Policy Right 

December 18, 2014:  EH Star: New Delays Added Costs for Montauk Beach Defenses 

December 12, 2014:  EH Press: East Hampton Received $250,000 Grant for Coastal Plan 

September 24, 2014: EH Press: Fisheries Meet in Montauk for Lunch

September 5, 2014: NY Times: Getting the Catch Directly to the Restaurant

September 4, 2014: EH Star: Surfers Unite in Protest

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Position Papers and Letters

February 18, 2015:  Letter Defending Environmental Protection in NY

February 17, 2015:  Letter to Suffolk County Planning Dept / Long Island Sound Water Temperature Study

February 9, 2015:  Letter to EH Town Board Commenting on EH Airport Noise Legislation

January 29, 2015:  ED40 Letter Requesting Appraisals

August 2014:  Position Paper on ED40

Environmental Studies

October 14, 2014:  East Hampton Town Comprehensive Wastewater Management Draft Plan

September 10, 2013: Description of Flooding Risk Faced by Napeague Stretch Communities by Walter F. Bundy, Program Management & Mitigation Services and Former FEMA Official

October 7, 1997: Watershed and Aquatic Habitat Study and Enhancement Plan, Fort Pond, Montauk, East Hampton Town Natural Resource / Environmental Protection Department / Fort Pond Action Committee

March 25, 2013: Coastal Erosion and Solutions, A Primer, by Coastal Science & Engineering

March 6, 2013: Long Island’s Dynamic South Shore, by J.Tanski

Feb. 13, 2013: Shore Protection Analysis and Design for Ditch Plain – March 2002

Meeting Presentations

Sept 22, 2012: CCOM’s Annual Meeting: Dr. Burrascano’s presentation on Lyme and tickborne diseases here!

Media Interviews

July 31, 2014: Jeremy Samuelson’s interview with Stephanie Sacks, on 88.3, WPPB Part I Part II Part III

October 4, 2013: WPPB Radio, “Going Green with Bob Deluca: Rising Tides and Shrinking Shores”. Click here to listen.

August 5, 2013: NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports on Montauk Marine Basin’s catch-and-release shark tournament . Click here to watch.

July 29, 2013: Montauk Marine Basin’s Shark’s Eye Tournament on CBS News. Click here to watch.

July 23, 2013: Alec Baldwin promoting the Shark’s Eye tournament on WEHM – Montauk’s first ever, no-kill, satellite tag shark tournament. Click here to listen.

July 9, 2013: CCOM, numerous environmental organizations and residents attend a press conference to oppose a controversial plan to build a natural gas port off the South Shore. Click here to listen to WSHU’s audio clip.

Feb. 7, 2012: CCOM’s Jeremy Samuelson’s Interview with Bonnie Grice, on 88.3, WPPB Part I Part II

Press Releases

August 8, 2014: ED40 & Redevelopment of the East Deck Motel: Where CCOM Stands

June 17, 2014: CCOM and Clean Water Coalition Take Push for Clean Water to Albany 

June 9, 2014: CCOM Spearheads Sustainable Fisheries Certification

March 19, 2014: 2nd Annual Shark’s Eye Tournament Scheduled for July 11-13, 2014

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